We provide a range of services for start-up companies and other small businesses.

Starting your company –

We can set you up in the right type of entity (e.g., limited liability company, S-Corp, C-corp), and guide you through ancillary administrative matters, such as state and local business license applications.   We provide fixed-price starter packages for the other agreements new companies need.   These agreements are tailored to your situation and may include shareholder agreements, employee offer letters, independent contractor agreements and stock option plans.

Financing Transactions –

We can advise you with respect to preferred stock, convertible debt and other capital raises, bank credit agreements and secured transactions.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property –

The key assets of many of today’s businesses are more often than not intellectual property such as software code or trade secrets.  We can help you protect your company’s value by ensuring that all intellectual property has been appropriately documented, registered, and assigned to the company if necessary.  The failure of founders or independent contractors to clearly assign or contribute intellectual property to the company is one of the most frequent problems faced by start-up companies.

Equity Compensation –

Offering equity compensation to employees is required in many cases these days to attract and retrain the best personnel.  We can help set up a stock option or other type of equity sharing plan that is appropriate for your company and compliant with the myriad of applicable regulations.

Commercial Contracts –

We draft and negotiate commercial contracts of all types, including supply, manufacturing, sales agent, joint venture, licensing, independent contractor, and non-disclosure agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions –

We have extensive experience helping clients sell or acquire businesses.  We are a great value for small- to medium-sized acquisitions.

Outsourced general counsel –

We can provide corporate secretarial and other support to boards of directors, advise the board on its fiduciary duties, and develop codes of ethics and compliance plans.

Dispute Resolution –

We have helped many clients resolve disputes in a favorable manner before it turns to litigation.  We can take your counterparty to court if necessary.

Estate Planning –

We not only probate estates, but can also assist you in creating your personal estate plan whether you need to prepare wills, trusts, health care directives (living wills), durable powers of attorney, or guardianships.   Jennifer presents free estate planning seminars to your employees or self-organized groups of ten or more people and their spouse or partner.

Investigations –

Sometimes an outside attorney is preferable for fraud cases, internal employee matters and similar investigations.  Carter and Jennifer are both former prosecutors and experienced investigators.   Jennifer is a meticulous and tenacious detective who, as a private attorney, has turned over completed fraud investigations to federal and state prosecutors that have resulted in disbarment and  incarceration of the perpetrators.